Vault Rooms is committed to the security of our client’s information. We focus on providing our clients with superior quality, security and confidentiality in all critical security areas including infrastructure, application, and personnel security. Key aspects of our security model include:

Infrastructure Security

  • SOC 2 Compliant Data Center - Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • State-of-the-art physical security and fire protection systems at data center
  • Redundant Virtual Server Environment on Virtual Private Cloud
  • 2048-bit encryption
  • Symantec Endpoint virus scanning
  • Monitored firewall mechanisms and intrusion detection software
  • Bi-Annual penetration testing of infrastructure and application
  • 99.5% or greater uptime availability

Application Security

  • Multiple User Security Access Levels
  • Individualized Security Sections
  • Encrypted Password Protection
  • Customizable Password and Access Policies
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (Security Question and Answer)
  • User Account Inactivation Capabilities
  • Document Print and Download Controls
  • Dynamic Document Watermarking Features
  • Audit Tracking and Reporting

Personnel Security

  • Pre-employment screening, background checks and NDAs for Staff
  • Comprehensive Staff Training
  • Quality and access control policies and procedures

Stop Chasing Documents

Gartner research has stated that most professionals spend as much as 50% of their time searching for and gathering required documents. For someone earning $100K/year, that translates to a loss of as much as $50K/year.

Simplify your client engagements with streamlined document collection and organization. Focus on delivering value rather than struggling to gather the documents you need.

Collect, Organize and Review documents on auto pilot!

When dropping your files in a box just won't cut it. You need comprehensive file storage & management, you need Vault Rooms.

  • In a world where business partners can be in different cities, states or even countries and where closing any financial transaction demand an ever increasing degree of due diligence and documentation, the ability to virtually share materials with multiple parties all having different needs (access, edit rights, etc.) is invaluable. In this way, Vault Rooms is a critical tool in my business. I highly recommend it! Michael Carney - Business Development Associate - Upfront Ventures

  • Vault Rooms allowed us to quickly and securely deliver documents to our customers. the service is easy to get setup and didn't require us to purchase servers or any software. Tony Rosales - Director of IT Operations - Networx, Inc. / Nevada

  • "I've been doing this for 10 years and I'm so excited about Vault Rooms! It's going to be a game changer!" Patricia Dowdy - Charlotte's Premier Restaurant Brokerage Firm