Network Security at the RNC

You can’t turn on the news this week without hearing about the Republican National Convention occurring from July 18th to the 21st.

With such heavy traffic focused in on the event, it’s no wonder that extra-preventative cybersecurity measures are being taken to ensure that the event runs smoothly.

RNC and Security

Tonight, as Donald Trump is expected to formally accept the Republican nomination, it seems as if the entire world will be watching. That includes 10,000 devices connected to the physical RNC network, as well as millions streaming from devices elsewhere. As of now, there has been no suspected threat of any kind, although unusual traffic has been detected from Russia and Asia.

Vince Cristler is the CEO of security contractor Dark Cubed, which utilizes a network-sharing technology to allow companies to communicate potential security threats back and forth. For him, this means sitting in front of a monitor and watching the network data tick by.

So what exact threats are being watched for?

There’s malware, which is specifically dangerous for individual devices. However, a higher threat is posed from malicious code that could scan the network for potential infiltration points.

RNC Security Command Center

Several blocks away from the RNC arena lies the command center, where experts are constantly moving back and forth to monitor the situation.

Security analysts are utilizing the ability to detect a single device’s bandwidth activity and, if noted as suspicious, relocate it to a more isolated access point. If a true issue arises, that device can be banned blocked from the RNC altogether.

There’s no telling what will happen at tonight’s big event. However, one thing is certain: security experts have prepared themselves for anything.

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