Easily Collect

  • DRAG AND DROP UPLOADING – Quickly and easily upload files and folders. Simply drag-and-drop them directly in to your browser or upload window.
  • BATCH UPLOAD - Need to upload a ton of files and folders simultaneously? Our Zip Upload capabilities allow for a fast upload using connections over explicit TLS/SSL.
  • URL LINKS - Provide direct access to external content, videos or web pages and track user access to those assets from within the data room.
  • FOLDER STRUCTURE – Organize your data room content the same way you do on your computer. File tags and labels are not required but are available.
  • TEMPLATES – Use one of our many templates or create your own to rapidly generate a data room’s folder structure, disclaimer, instructions and tasks.
  • WORKFLOW TOOLS – Easily manage your document collection process including task creation, assignment, collaboration and monitoring. Your team can easily track tasks toward completion.

Easily Organize

  • DATA ROOM INSTRUCTIONS – Our Instructions Page provides a useful place to post a welcome message, instructions and links for your users.
  • DASHBOARDS - Request List Management dashboard provides a high-level look at task activity and status.
  • DOCUMENT VIEWER - From your browser, view high quality previews of your documents without having to download and open another application.
  • TONS OF SUPPORTED FILE TYPES – Vault Rooms supports a multitude of file types and makes those files viewable from your browser.
  • DATA ROOM BRANDING – Upload your company logo and pair it with a custom color to create a truly branded experience. Create different color schemes across different Workspaces for an easier, more visual workflow.
  • HOME ROOM – Pin the data room you access most frequently for faster access.
  • DOCUMENT SECURITY– Gain complete control over which documents can be viewed, printed and/or downloaded.
  • DOCUMENT WATERMARKS– Automatically generate watermarks across your documents to identify your materials, help prevent leaks, and further restrict your information further from redistribution.
  • MOVE - Easily drag and drop folders and/or documents to new locations in your data room.

Easily Share

  • USER MANAGEMENT – Quickly set up your data room users and invite them to your data room. Grant/revoke access, modify permissions, and granularly control access to your account.
  • CUSTOM PASSWORD MANAGEMENT - Keep your user accounts more secure by enforcing a complex password policy that matches your corporate password criteria. You control password expirations, password usage and inactivity requirements for your account.
  • SESSION TIMEOUTS - Users on your account are automatically signed out of Vault Rooms after a designated period of inactivity.
  • TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION – Add an extra layer of security to accounts by requiring a security question and answer at sign in.
  • SIMULTANEOUS BLIND ACCESS – Vault Rooms features allow you to confidently share files with multiple parties 24/7 by “blinding” other users to others in the data room. Easily share the same information with multiple bidders and competitors and never worry that they will see each other.
  • DISCLAIMERS – Turn on disclaimers for each data room that must be accepted by users before accessing your files. Customize the disclaimer language to fit your specific needs.
  • DOCUMENT SEARCH – Easily search your data room folders, documents, document tags and descriptions to find exactly what you're looking for. Search within documents in the viewer to find and highlight specific document text.
  • Q&A – Establish and monitor Question & Answer Threads for individual users, teams or an entire data room. Monitor and manage discussions to improve engagement communication.
  • MESSAGES – Use informational emails to easily communicate with users.
  • FOLDER AND FILE LISTING EXPORTS – – Users can get a clear view of the hierarchy and documents available for their review in an organized structural view and/or downloadable report.

Easily Monitor

  • ACTIVITY AUDIT – See exactly who has logged in to your data room and accessed your content - when, where and how many times. Export all activity for analysis in Excel.
  • DOCUMENT HISTORY - See when each file was uploaded, modified and deleted in the data room. Export all activity for analysis in Excel.
  • NOTIFICATIONS - Instantly get notified when someone uploads a new file, posts a comment/message, or assigns you a task. Stay up-to-date with email summaries of all data room activity.
  • ARCHIVE DOWNLOADS – When a project winds down easily create a comprehensive archive of folders, files and all associated audit reports with a single click.

Virtual Data Rooms

Secure, easy to use, affordable.

Our secure file sharing tools remove any worry about your documents getting lost in the cloud or falling into the wrong hands.

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Request List Management

Easily collect, share, monitor.

Creating tasks and workflow has never been more simple. View progress while maintaining comprehensive control of access.

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Complete Support

Available to you 24/7.

Secure data management made easy and stress free with customer support always available to you. Contact is easy with a PERSON waiting to speak with you.

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Stop Chasing Documents

Gartner research has stated that most professionals spend as much as 50% of their time searching for and gathering required documents. For someone earning $100K/year, that translates to a loss of as much as $50K/year.

Simplify your client engagements with streamlined document collection and organization. Focus on delivering value rather than struggling to gather the documents you need.

Collect, Organize and Review documents on auto pilot!

When dropping your files in a box just won't cut it. You need comprehensive file storage & management, you need Vault Rooms.

  • Vault Rooms was very useful and user friendly. Their customer service representatives were incredibly helpful whenever we had any questions about the service. Anytime I called they were friendly and very helpful. Matt Godden - Managing Partner - Focused Technology

  • In a world where business partners can be in different cities, states or even countries and where closing any financial transaction demand an ever increasing degree of due diligence and documentation, the ability to virtually share materials with multiple parties all having different needs (access, edit rights, etc.) is invaluable. In this way, Vault Rooms is a critical tool in my business. I highly recommend it! Michael Carney - Business Development Associate - Upfront Ventures

  • Vault Rooms allowed us to quickly and securely deliver documents to our customers. the service is easy to get setup and didn't require us to purchase servers or any software. Tony Rosales - Director of IT Operations - Networx, Inc. / Nevada