Do You See the Red Flag?

One of the biggest news headlines this week has been the arrest of the top “Nigerian prince” email scammer and his accomplice.  The Nigerian prince email scam is among the most well-known and oldest email scams, and despite its infamy and longevity, appears no less potent.  So why, after some ten years, do people continue […]

Avoiding Information Leaks

As popular news suggests, information leaks can lead to the compromise of extremely valuable data that was not meant for public viewing. For a firm of any shape and size, it’s important to take precaution when exchanging documents and other files between users. One of the biggest user oversights in cybersecurity is trusting in a […]

Network Security at the RNC

You can’t turn on the news this week without hearing about the Republican National Convention occurring from July 18th to the 21st. With such heavy traffic focused in on the event, it’s no wonder that extra-preventative cybersecurity measures are being taken to ensure that the event runs smoothly. RNC and Security Tonight, as Donald Trump is […]

Why You Need an Email Alert System

If you took the time to organize all of the web services you use on a daily or even hourly basis, you’d quickly grow overwhelmed. Some of your accounts might be for various social media sites, some may be for spontaneous online shopping, and some might be specifically for business. With this ever-growing abundance of accounts and […]

What Makes Good Customer Service

Almost any service you come across will boast about their customer service as being entirely dedicated to providing you a satisfactory experience. However, what are some of the qualities that make one provider’s customer service superior to the rest? Listed below are some qualities that one might look for in determining a service provider that can […]

5 Ways Document Management Boosts Efficiency

If you deal with a large number of documents on a daily basis, it’s important to understand the document management options available to you. These tools can boost efficiency and allow your firm to operate with a mitigated security risk. Advanced Search Enhanced search options allow you to view and organize documents by keyword, upload […]

The Value of Task Collaboration

It’s a fundamental truth that two brains work better than one. This rule applies to task collaboration, where concrete goals are set and need to be completed in a timely and efficient manner. Many of these tasks inherently require the participation of two parties, particularly within M&A and private banking. How can technology leverage the […]

Password Policy: What Makes it Strong?

Passwords can be cracked!  It’s seemingly every few months at most that we hear about a new large-scale data breach, the leaking of personal content, or the hacking of major company servers. Many of these infiltrations can be entirely avoided by taking steps to generate a unique and secure password. According to a 2015 report […]

How Audit Logs Can Benefit Your Firm

Audit logs (also known as an audit trails) are a chronological record used to automatically document security-relevant user behaviors on a network. Audit logs might detect when a user has logged on, when they accessed a particularly important document, or how long they viewed that document for. Having access to these detailed reports can be […]

Biometric Technologies for Data Security

With modern technology evolving rapidly, it’s understood that vulnerabilities and security risks are following suit. The next step in mitigating risk and protecting confidential data is the use of biometric technologies. These technologies include any type of security measure that involve the detection and verification of particular human characteristics, such as fingerprint recognition or an […]