5 Ways Document Management Boosts Efficiency

document management

If you deal with a large number of documents on a daily basis, it’s important to understand the document management options available to you. These tools can boost efficiency and allow your firm to operate with a mitigated security risk.

Advanced Search

Enhanced search options allow you to view and organize documents by keyword, upload data, metadata, and other criteria. Searching for these documents can yield results in a matter of seconds. If you have a meeting lined up with a serious prospect, one search will provide all relevant information in a clean format. Proper document management can ensure your files are easy to locate, retrieve, and receive.

Ease of Access

One of the major pain points in using traditional document storage is the restrictions on how you can access your files. If everything is stored on a single hard drive, you’re also exposing yourself to an increased risk that your data might get damaged or lost. By using a cloud-hosted document management service, you can access your important documents anytime, where.

Document Management Security

Document management services also host a range of relevant security options. Dynamic watermarking, audit logging, and DRM settings provide a safeguard against any external threat that might appear. These tools also eliminate the potential for an internal threat: if a rogue user tries to download a document, or has been viewing it for a suspicious period of time, you have the evidence to take action.

File Sharing

A cloud-based document management service also allows for freedom to collaborate. Users can share documents back and forth from any location. With detailed security options, administrators can set the rules and determine various access rights. With the audit trail functionality, they can know who has viewed or edited particular documents, a critical resource when maintaining liability in the transaction process.

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